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Artist in Residence 2020

Location:           Brisbane 

Organisation:    The Benevolent Society

Role:                   Lead Facilitating Artist & Producer

A artist in residence project at Acacia

Ridge Early Years learning centre and Kindergarten.

The 10 week project initiated by The Benevolent Society & Every Child was created to support children to build resilience while connecting with creativity, wellbeing and community.

With facilitating artists, the children and their educators explored movement, yoga, storymaking, drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, animation and video. A culminating installation provided children the opportunity to celebrate their creative outcomes with their family and educators.


Verena Curr: Producer, Lead Facilitating Artist, project documentation  

Sue Loveday: Facilitating Artist & design

Thom Browning: Facilitating Artist & Digital design

Images: Verena Curr & Thom Browning

Filming & Editing: Thom Browning

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