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Hi I'm Verena... 

This is a place where I share some of what I do. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Through my work I help to realise projects with individuals, communities, small to large arts/cultural or educational organisations in creative and meaningful ways. Whether I have been engaged as a arts facilitator, performer and creator, collaborating artist, educational consultant, or teacher; collaboration and communication always play an key role in my practice. I enjoy working with others to provide purposeful, honest and positive outcomes that respond to the needs of their community or organisation. With a background in performing arts, facilitation and teaching, I specialize in working with children/ young people, their families, educators and communities across contemporary arts; festival; community; cultural and educational contexts.

I am drawn to projects which put children at the centre and acknowledge their voices and needs by providing them with quality experiences to participate in creative, cultural and social activities. I value fostering connections with others through creative experiences so as to support children to develop healthy relationships with themselves, others and the world as they develop skills that nurture greater participation and well-being. With a passion for acknowledging children as vital contributors to our society, I am forever seeking ways that people can come together to witness and to share cultural and social experiences that can deepen connection, grow community and warm hearts. 

If you would like to connect to discuss how I can work with you, please go to my CONTACT page.


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