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Early Years Interactive Theatre


Locations:      Australia, South Korea, India

Company:       Imaginary Theatre

Role:               Co-creator & performer

Theatre for children aged  2-5, their families and carers.

We arrive in a place and space unknown, and meeting in the middle we discover each other as strangers, then as friends. Surrounded by things both strange and familiar, together we look for possibilities, conduct experiments of play, and build a world. All on our own.


Be taken on a journey of joy, imagination and transformation as this intimate production unfolds a gentle story of resilience and friendship, using exquisite physical storytelling, object theatre, and interactivity. Look involves both performance and interactive play component where the audience is invited to play with the performers within the space. 


Look was the first culmination of Play Project an extensive research initiative into the mechanics of children's play, and has been designed as an ideal first-time theatre experience for very young children to enjoy alongside their families, carers and teachers.

"Look will do for your kids what the very best theatre does for you"
Australian Stage Online


Director: Thom Browning

Producer: Fiona MacDonald

Performers/Co-Devisors/ Initial Research: Verena Curr, Nathan Stoneham

Design: Josh McIntosh

Costume Design: Selene Cochrane

Sound Design: Thom Browning, Nathan Stoneham

Lighting Design: Matthew Strachan

Dramaturgs: Mark Radvan, Sean Mee


Images: Yan Chen

Look was commissioned by Brisbane Powerhouse, and supported by the Australian Government and by the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts advisory body.


Brisbane Powerhouse

Jun 26 - Jan 7 2012

Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Summer Festival

Jul 23 - Jul 27 2012

Theatre Egg & Nucleus

Seoul, South Korea

Brisbane Powerhouse

Jun 26 - Jan 7 2013

Brisbane, QLD


Aha! International Theatre Festival for Children

12 - 13 Jul 2013


Bengaluru, India

Come Out! Festival

22 - 26 May 2014

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide, SA Australia

Redlands Performing Arts Centre

6 - 7 July 2016

Cleveland, QLD Australia

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