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Early Years Multi-Arts & Well-being Program

2020- Present

Location: Brisbane

Role: Program Creator & Facilitator 

Creative Explorers is a unique program designed and facilitated by artist and early years teacher Verena Curr.  In these sessions children and their educators and community are invited to explore creative and arts-based experiences and projects which support their social, emotional, physical and cognitive well-being and development. Children who participate have the opportunity to explore ideas through a number of creative processes which align with the Queensland early years curriculum. Verena has worked across the arts, education, and public programs with children and their communities over the past eighteen years and enjoys responding to each communities unique needs. Whilst Creative Explorers does provide opportunities for learning about different artists and artistic techniques and skills, the primary focus of this program is to allow children to experience the enriching exploration of creativity as a whole, by exposing the children to a variety of engaging and creative ways of working, playing, thinking and communicating. This program supports children’s curiosity and interest in learning while fostering their confidence, their ability to communicate, adapt, innovate, inquire and respond to various experiences and learning environments.


This unique program is tailored to your environment. We work with you to support your children and staff to learn through creative exploration in playful and engaging ways. We collaborate with your community goals, philosophies, developmental, social and emotional needs, through creative and contemporary approaches. Our facilitated sessions aim to deepen and broaden children's experiences and curiosity and nurture creativity, confidence, well-being, problem solving skills, collaboration and imagination through a broad range of arts experiences. 

Here you can see some images from some of the art projects the kindergarten children have worked on in Creative Explorers. Above are the Brisbane/ Meanjin mixed media collages and below you can see Bilyara- Eagle Hawke foam prints and exhibition images. 

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