Early Years Multi-Arts Program

2020- Present

Location: Brisbane

Role: Creator & Facilitator 

This is a unique multi-arts program is designed for early learning kindergarten/ school settings. Creative Explorers responds to children's key developmental needs with emotional resilience, connection and mindfulness as its key foundation. This program engages children and their educators in creative ways of thinking and working individually and collectively through investigating a variety of art forms and artists. The sessions allow participants to explore aspects of visual art, digital art, story making, performing, movement, nature, music and design through universal themes that align with the key Queensland curriculum. The children, educators and  facilitating artist collectively examine creative ideas, concepts, and techniques as they work towards different projects that are relevant to them and their specific community. Each project might run for a number of weeks or months depending on where the interests, goals and ideas lead. The projects may culminate in some sort of creative outcome for the children to share with their peers and educators and or with their family and friends. Some examples of outcomes include an installation or exhibition event,  A completed artwork that is displayed in their art books or elsewhere, A photo series or video project to share with families, an excursion or incursion, a puppet show for peers, A written collaborative plan or document e.g. Risk Benefit, A vox pop interview, A mural, A word wall, A conversation. No matter how big or small the outcome may be...the emphasis is this work is always on creating genuine quality of experience for the children and if this remains the key priority the rest will follow.  


Through this program we also explore artists who are very much alive and practicing in our local community and in the broader community including First Nations artists. Through connecting with their stories, art and ideas, the aim is to open up opportunities to explore what creativity can offer us, while also building a connection to our diverse cultures, our history and sense of place, our community and ourselves. Through various explorations the children and their educators are introduced to themes, ideas, materials and techniques all designed to support their curious nature in a fun and engaging way. Nurturing creativity can encourage happier, healthier, engaged, culturally sensitive, thoughtful, innovative and resilient individuals and this is at the heart of what this program is all about.  

Here you can see some images from some of the art projects the kindergarten children have worked on in Creative Explorers. Above are the Brisbane/ Meanjin mixed media collages and below you can see Bilyara- Eagle Hawke foam prints and exhibition images.