Mit Sted - My Place

Toward the end of 2015 I set off for Denmark to facilitate and create a new project based on The Walking Neighbourhood project initiated by Lenine Bourke. This time the work would be redeveloped with a danish arts company 'Secret Hotel' and group of Danish artists, local children and teachers from two diverse communities in Denmark. I headed over to take on the role of lead facilitator on the project and was delighted to have the opportunity to spend more time in Denmark, learn more about the education system and way of life for these children and artists. This project was full of unexpected twist and turns and much of the usual problem solving involved in this type of project however after many hours of dedicated work from a wonderful team and community we were able to achieve some truly remarkable things. I was extremely proud of what we created despite all our challenges along the way and looking back now I can see that the challenges we overcame made the experience even more rich and outcomes even more meaningful. Here you can watch the doco about the 'Mit Sted- My Place' project- for english subtitles click on the YOUTUBE CC - Subtitles link.