Play is the important business of children and with this in mind, Out Of The Box Festival and QUT have collaborated to create 'Playbox'. This is a unique interactive outdoor event, designed to provoke a range of playful engagment from young festival goers. Guided by the Playbox team, participants are invited on an imaginative journey as they create a show of their very own. This is an opportunity for children to investigate the various roles of the theatre as they navigate their way through the playbox experience.

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Sean Mee and the QUT second year Drama students to facilitate this project. Whilst the premise we have devised is quite simple, I believe it is through this simplicity and our responsive emergent processes that we are able to create meaningful and playful engagement not only for the children and their families but also for the team of young artists involved as they expand their knowledge working in this context.

By providing different opportunities for children we allow them to develop a greater understanding of their world as they create, relate, and act out aspects of their real and imagined experiences. Play gives children the chance to be active creators of their own stories as they collectively construct meaning through imagining, investigating, building, adapting and working with others. This is what the nature of work such as 'Playbox' strives towards. 'Out Of The Box- Festival for children 8 years and under 25 JUNE- 2 JULY 2014