Celebration of Literature

The Somerset Celebration of Literature is a significant cultural event that reaches beyond Somerset College to include the whole community. This inspiring three day festival is held on the Gold Coast each year, with ticket sales exceeding 15,000.

Tim and I were invited to perform at the Celebration of Literature Festival at Somerset College last weekend. It was such a lovely school and clearly the festival is a real contribution to not only those attending the school but to the community, local and not so local who have come to take part. Some teachers and students have traveled from far out west to attend the festival.

The festival felt like any professional literature festivals you would see around the country, however... in this case the students and young people attending were the main punters and were given the opportunity to engage with a number of carefully selected sessions a day in class time over the three day festival. All in the name of literature. What a truely fantastic event. Tim and I had the pleasure of performing our latest 'Top Secret Storytellers- Road Trip' show, commissioned by The State Library of Queensland in late 2013, to the local pre-preps, preps and year ones. As Tim and I performed in Koala house we only thought it appropriate Tim pose for a suitable Koala inspired photograph with the gumtree infront of the building.

Here is a link to the festival webpage for a better idea.